Content and Benefits

Bluetox Detox Tea

Features of the Plants in Its Content

  • Orange Extract: It strengthens the immune system, balances blood sugar, delays aging, eliminates anemia, balances blood pressure, balances bad cholesterol, protects heart health.
  • Lemon Extract: It cleans the infection in the body, is a good antioxidant, prevents the formation of tumors and cancer, lowers high blood pressure, protects against anemia, burns fat, facilitates regional thinning.
  • Stevia Extract: Stevia is much sweeter than sugar, so smaller foods must be used. Also, the opposite of sugar, stevia extract is known to affect blood sugar and contains calories, so it is a suitable option for diabetics and those on low carb diets.
  • Astaragalus Extract: Balances blood sugar, balances hormones, reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Green Tea Extract:It is diuretic, relieves edema, regulates blood sugar, burns fat.
  • Rosemary Extract:It increases edema, protects against cancer, protects heart health, strengthens memory, accelerates digestion, accelerates metabolism.
  • Garnicia Extract:It is the plant with the most effective fat burning feature. It prevents the body from creating fat and carbohydrates, gives a feeling of satiety.
  • Echinacea Extract:It is a strong antioxidant, delays aging, strengthens the immune system, protects cells, is a good sedative, diuretic.
  • Fenne Extract:It is good for constipation, regulates blood pressure, prevents gas and bloating, removes toxins, provides sweating, prevents urinary tract inflammations.
  • Guarana Extrac:Edema, burns fat, prevents the accumulation of fat in the body, suppresses appetite.
  • L-Carnitine Extract:Removes the burned fat from the body.
  • Gojiberry Extract:It is a powerful antioxidant, delays aging, facilitates digestion, increases fertility, regulates sugar, regulates cholesterol, helps cell regeneration.
  • Cranberry Extract:It is a strong antioxidant, delays aging, urinary removes edema, makes the intestines work, accelerates metabolism, fat burns, loses weight fast, provides tightening.
  • Blueberry Extract:It removes the burned fat from the body, provides tightening, delays aging, cleans the urinary tract, cleans the blood, improves blood sugar and balances cholesterol.
  • Hibiscus Extract:It is a storehouse of vitamin C. Increases the body's resistance, digestion facilitates, reduces swelling, has a calming feature, prevents sweet crises, burns fat, edema.